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Mahe Kohv jahvatatud PERU CAFE FEMENINO Grumpy Mule

Mahe Kohv jahvatatud PERU CAFE FEMENINO Grumpy Mule


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Category: Grumpy Mule Kohvid

Jahvatatud Mahe Kohv.
Maitse: Tume sokolaad, kakao & tsitrus.
Strength: 3 of 5
Päritolumaa: Peru
Taste Dark chocolate, cocoa & citrus.
Origin Cecanor Co-operative, Peru
Peru Café Femenino is a coffee produced by the women of the Union Cecanor Co-operative in Peru’s Lambayeque region. Part of the Café Femenino Coffee Project, this coffee is grown, processed and traded exclusively by women in a way that allows the coffee’s natural qualities to shine. Dark chocolate taste notes give way to a mild citrus and cocoa balance, creating a richness of flavour that’s going to taste pretty ace when you’re tucked under a duvet watching daytime telly.

Toode lisati neljapäev 30 märts, 2017.