" Tervislik toit kogu perele. Simply organic food of organic farming. "

Vanini Tume šokolaad kakao 62% rosmariiniga 100g.

Vanini Tume šokolaad kakao 62% rosmariiniga 100g.


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A brand-new delicacy that makes the very best of the opportunities Bagua Cocoa offers for experimenting with original combinations. A fresh, daring new blend of complementary flavors: on the one hand, the splendidly characteristic aroma of rosemary, a typical Mediterranean shrub; on the other, chocolate with a perfectly rounded, velvety flavor. The two ingredients are brought together to create a deliciously pleasant bar with an agreeable balance of acidity and bitterness, making for a unique, unrivalled taste experience. Fairtraded, NonGMO, Halal, GlutenFree, Kosher, VEGAN and Vegetarian friendly.

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