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Mahe (Vegan) Burger (kõrvits ja spelta) 4tk 300g külmut

Mahe (Vegan) Burger (kõrvits ja spelta) 4tk 300g külmut


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Demeter pumpkin spelt burger
potato dough wit pumpkin and spelt
Pumpkin** 41 %, water, tomato**, SPELT FLAKES** 10 %, SPELT FLOUR** 9 %, potato flakes* (potato, rosmary extract*), pumpkin seeds flour*, sea salt, pumpkin seed oil*, spices*
* from organic agriculture ** from biodynamic agriculture
Pan: Fry in hot oil approx. 8 min., turn frequently. Fritter: Pre-heat oil to 160 °C, fry deep frozen patties approx. 8 min.
Our Tip:
Serve the Demeter Pumpkin spelt burgers with a fresh salad, or as a supplement.
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nutritive value (per 100g)
energy: 527 kJ / 125 kcal
protein: 4,9 g
carbohydrates: 20,0 g, of which sugars: 2,3 g
fat: 2,2 g, saturated fats: < 0,5 g
dietary fiber: 3,0 g
salt: 1,5 g
BU: 1,7

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