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Mahe Chili non Carne (vegan) 400g külmut

Mahe Chili non Carne (vegan) 400g külmut


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Chili non carne
The mexican dish vegetarian and 100% free of yeast extract
Ingredients: Tomato puree*, kidney beans*, sweet-corn*, vegetarian minced meat* (water, WHEAT GLUTEN*, sunflower oil*), red onion*, water, red and green peppers*, green beans*, carrots*, sunflower oil*, sea salt (not iodized), agave syrup*, chilli pepper*(0,1%), cumin* * = from organic agriculture ** = from biodynamic agriculture
allergenic ingredients: gluten
Allergy notes: gluten
Storage: Store at -18 °C. Once defrosted do not refreeze.
Provenance: Germany (DE).

Preparation: Heat the oven to 180 °C for conventional oven (160 °C for fan-assisted oven). Open approx. 1 cm of the cover at the marked corner. Put the deep-frozen product in the tray on the middle track of the preheated oven and heat it for about 45 min. If thawed the product will be ready in approx. 30 min. Enjoy your spicy meal!

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