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Mahe Vanilli Jäätis Laktoosivaba 500ml

Mahe Vanilli Jäätis Laktoosivaba 500ml


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The best Madagascar vanilla and brown sugar give life to an ice cream classic taste but no lactose. Because even with this product, we want to bring our contribution to the protection of biodiversity and small high quality handicrafts choosing organic and Fairtrade ingredients. Make taste with escort made up of 350 grams is so good that you have to offer it!
Micro-filtered pasteurized milk lactose free* (60.7%), pasteurized cream lactose free * (15%), glucose syrup *, raw cane sugar * FT, * inulin (agave), stabilizer: the locust bean gum *; vanilla powder * FT (0.12%)
Lactose <0.1%

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