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Mahe Jogurti Jäätis Sokolaadi kastmega 500ml

Mahe Jogurti Jäätis Sokolaadi kastmega 500ml


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Frozen Yogurt con Salsa Topping al Cioccolato 350 g / 500 mlA true goodness in which the taste of biodynamic ice cream with yogurt is combined with an exquisite chocolate topping. Each bite combines the sweet ice cream to the characteristic flavor of the chocolate to make frozen yogurt experience to try and try again, a spoonful after another.

frozen yogurt (80%) (YOGURT ** (50%), CREAM **, raw cane sugar ** FRESH MILK ** (pasteurized), Maniokglucosesirup *, stabilizer: locust bean gum *), chocolate sauce (20%) (water, Maniokglukosesirup *, rice syrup *, raw cane sugar **, chocolate * (5%) (cocoa mass *, raw cane sugar *, cocoa butter *, vanilla powder *), cocoa powder *, tapioca *, stabilizer: locust bean gum *)
contains the following allergenic ingredients: milk
The preparation of biodynamic ice has lived Firmenphiliosophie of Rachelli, emerged from the constant striving for quality.

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