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Mahe Kohviuba Fairtrade Organic India Araku Beans 227g

Mahe Kohviuba Fairtrade Organic India Araku Beans 227g


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Coffee: India Araku FTO
Producers: Growers of the Araku Valley
Varietal(s): SLN 5, SLN 9
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 900-1100m
Region: Araku Valley, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
Country: India
Certification: FT & Organic.
Caramel, brown sugar flavours and balancing grape like acidity, coating mouthfeel and subtle spicy finish. Very well rounded and versatile across brew methods.

Organic India Araku Valley is a properly serious coffee. It appeals to the Mule’s competitive side.

The village leaders in the Araku Valley make sure that only the ripest cherries get picked for processing, because they know that each harvest they are going up against the other villages in the annual competition. It’s a big deal, the Mule gets stoked by competitions.

Brown sugar flavours and slow, spicy finish makes sure that all that seriousness was worth it.

Toode lisati teisipäev 16 mai, 2017.