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Mahe kohviuba Guatemala Grumpy Mule 227g

Mahe kohviuba Guatemala Grumpy Mule 227g


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Great Taste award 2018 1*, 2017 3*.

For every pack of Pocola we sell, 20p is donated to the school system in this coffee’s native Coban region of Guatemala. The producer, Christian Schaps, not only oversees this re-investment programme for us, he makes sure that local mist and moisture produces an incredible crop.

Pocola tastes of caramel, berries, tropical fruits, apple and smooth honey. Put it this way – describing the flavour is a proper mouthful. Also happens to be the best way to enjoy it.

Coffee: Pocola & School project coffee
Farm: Finca Santa Paula
Owners: Oscar Schaps, Christian Schaps and Rony Asensio
Varietal(s): Caturra, villa sarchi
Processing: Washed, covered drying
Altitude: 1375m
Region: Coban
Country: Guatemala
Certification: n/a
Tropical fruit, caramel and buttery mouthfeel. Sublte spice and balanced and very pleasant in the cup and especially at home as a filter or cafetiere, but with care a great espresso too.

Additional information

Finca Santa Paula is located at around 1,375m near the small town of San Pedro Carcha, in the Alto Verapaz region in north-central Guatemala. The area is known locally as Tezulutlán, and is still populated by indigenous peoples who live and work the land using traditional methods.

Finca Santa Paula was founded in the early 1990s and since then the farm’s manager, Don Adalberto Reyes, and its owners have worked on developing a virtually 100% sustainable farm. Don Adalberto speaks four languages: Spanish, Kekchis, Pocoman and Achi. In this region of Guatemala, it is vital to be able to speak at least one other language besides Spanish as all the local indigenous communities communicate in their own local languages.

Santa Paula’s coffee is predominantly Caturra, but with new plantings of villa sarchi coming into maturation which grow in the shade of native Inga and Pepeto trees. The high rainfall in the region (3,000-4,000 ml a year) ensures a long and steady maturation of the coffee cherries, allowing the coffee to develop a unique fruitiness and spicy note in the cup. The farm produces around 750 bags of coffee a year in total, with Bewley’s having special reserve on the top selection each year.

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